Project name: MTV MY CHART
Category: Gamification; Social Media Marketing; Facebook App; bidirectional Crossmedia strategy
Client: MTV Italy
Technologies: Flash – ActionScript 3.0, Facebook Connect, PHP

MTV My Chart is an application conceived and created by for MTV Italy, capable to create weekly videoclip charts, ordered by the preferences of the Facebook users.
MTV My Chart is placed in the charts section of the portal ( and is connected to the social network using Facebook Connect and a Facebook Live Stream Wall; moreover, in the application page the users can check the trend of the My Chart in real time.

There’s more: MTV My Chart is a gamified application, usable as a tool for a bidirectional crossmedia strategy.

MTV wants to make use of the weekly chart generated by the application in the Hitlist Italia and, probably, a specific show will be aired in the future, inviting the “trend setter” of the week (who won the weekly chart).


The project is based on these elements:

  • Obtaining a growth of the Facebook users that arrive on the MTV site;
  • MTV talks about music and offers it to its public;
  • MTV proposes weekly charts based on the sales data and from the top seen videos;
  • Facebook users are a relevant slice of the potential MTV target;
  • MTV can exploit the television media to promote the application, and the application can promote the television media (especially for a specific target);

So the application is based on this social aspect: the market tells which is the Hitlist in Italy but Facebook users make their own.

The purpose to make a social application based on the votes of the users has shifted the focus away from the vote itself towards the actions of the users. This choice has permitted:

  • the application of the gamification paradigm (points, avatars, achievements, evolution, leaderboards) to augment the engagement and encourage the users towards the viral communication. Moreover, the logic is suitable for contests.
  • drive the attention of the users to the social dynamics, in particular the group, friendship and competition ones.
  • provide incentives for the continuous use of the application: the actions of the other users make the application dynamic; the actions of the single user make the application useful

MTV MyChart - Experience Creation: Crossmedia Telling & Gamification