goes to IGDS has been invited to IGDS, the most important italian game developer summit, this Saturday 25th October 2014 at 11:30am to present the last news from the videogames, gamification and e-Learning market.

Alain Bonati, & DarkWave Games’ Marketing Manager and editor, will present  Skillato the most innovative e-Learning solution to train employees Talent using gamification, storytelling and social learning.
The speech will be dedicated to the e-Learning world and to our platform, showing the main features and goal, that has been already used by Allianz e Genialloyd group.

The third edition of the IGDS will be hosted at Milan Games Week! at MiCo (Milano Congressi). Entrance to MiCo are located at GATE 4 (Viale Scarampo corner Viale Colleoni).

Allianz GoALL! TheGame2.0


Category: E-learning; Gamification; Internal Communication
Client: Allianz Group
Technologies: Skillato platform has developed the e-Learning platform system for Allianz to train their +4.000 employees knowledge and soft-skills. Developed with the collaboration of the training & human resources department, GOALL!THEGAME2.0 is characterised by an ad-hoc storytelling layer, created to satisfy the exigences of the training program and a gamification layer able to keep high the users engagement.

GOALL!THEGAME2.0 training program still be on air, no statistic and more information are yet available.

For more information about Skillato Platform, visit

Design meets engagement and utilty

Gamification and Data Visualization today are more than ever under the spotlight keeping high the attention and the expectation of each marketers, thanks to the ability to engage the target thought new channel and at a new level will talk about this topic at #Meetdesign introducing the tools and the dynamic that make the gamification not just a “nice to have” but a real opportunity for anyone that want and need to engage his target in a new and creative way.

Avanzi 20.05.14 H. 19:30

Gamification per designers? by
Data e Information Visualization by Paolo Ciuccarelli

Tuesday 20th May @Avanzi (entrance from Upcycle – Milano Bike Café, via Ampere 59) H. 7:00pm