Our new HTML5 game: Flappy Bat

In developing advergames and serious games in HTML5, we often work with frameworks that allows fast development of our products on desktop and mobile platforms.

We run lots of tests in our lab before using them for client’s projects.

Lately we tried out Phaser, a very well-know framework for developing games.
Today we present you our Flappy Bird like game: Flappy Bat!

This game works on both desktop and mobile. Use your mouse or touch if you are on mobile to push the bat up, double click/touch for a stronger jump!

Play now! LINK

2014 REPLAY Website


Project name: Replay.it – Presentation of the Spring Summer 2014 Collection
Category: Digital Communication, Consultancy, Web Development
Client: Replay – Fashion Box Spa
Technologies: HTML5

Alittleb.it has created the new main page of Replay.it – the official website of the fashion brand Replay – in order to present “Urban Surfer”, the Replay Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.

Starting from the previous page structure, the new main page has the objective to improve Replay premium positioning, taking full advantage of the new campaign images shot by David Sims (one of the most important fashion photographers in the world).
So, all the page has been conceived and designed to give the biggest importance to photographs. Hotspots on images allow users to deepen the collection.

The page is fully responsive.

Take a look:

Replay.it: homepage design

Replay.it: homepage design

Replay – FCBarcelona


Project name: Unexpected Formal
Category: Digital Communication – B2B & B2C, Consultancy; Responsive Web Development
Client: Replay – Fashion Box Spa
Technologies: HTML5, Javascript, Interactive Pdf

Replay – Fashion Box Spa – has signed a deal with the FC Barcelona as the official sponsor of clothing and footwear for the team and the rest of the Club’s sportsmen and women. Replay will create both official clothing and a “smart casual” line for the first team.
To celebrate the agreement, Replay has developed the Denim Zero, a jeans created by an exclusive eco-friendly process which utilizes high-pressure ice crystals.

Replay asked to Alittleb.it to look after all the Partnership digital image.Read More

MTV Best Of

Project name: MTV OnDemand – Best Of
Category: Web Development, Rich Internet Application
Services: Concept, Graphic Design & Coding, Maintenance & Server Assistance
Client: MTV Italia
Technologies: HTML5, Sass, Jquery, Ruby + Rails, Mysql, Nokogiri
Link: http://ondemand.mtv.it/best-of


We have created MTV Best Of: the new section of MTV Ondemand – the MTV’s platform of video on demand (VOD) – where users can watch, vote and share the best brief video-clips, selected and “clipped” by MTV’s Editors from MTV television series and shows.


The main purpose of the section Best Of is to increase video views’ number, bringing new users to MTV Ondemand and augmenting existing users’ participation rates.

To achieve the objectives, we mixed four main ingredients:

  1. SEO: all the code and the design are optimized for SEO. This is very important to effectively exploit the strong brand awareness and image of MTV Intellectual Properties (like Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore, Awkward, The Valley, etc.); moreover, videoclip selection helps to use high traffic keywords (like “sex”) into tags, descriptions and titles
  2. Gamification: to increase engagement, we added some easy gamification elements. First a basic voting system to allow users to decide the best videoclip inside a chart. Secondly, we created seven “Emotional Dynamic Charts”: users can describe every videoclip by selecting, among seven (Epic Fail; I can’t believe it; Really Trash; Infinite Laughs, I like it, This is awesome – cool, Epic Win), the feeling they think it suggests. Doing that, users create dynamic cross-shows charts, ordered by the number of votes expressed on that particular feeling. Finally, we limit the number of daily votes available to users: create “scarcity” to increase “value” is an important gamification strategy that helps in keeping users more engaged (e.g. if the user owns just one vote, that vote worth more and he will consider carefully how to use it) and the charts more meaningful.
    Besides the expected engagement reasons, we used gamification elements to: 1) having more interesting charts, able to represents users tastes and so to gain immediately the attention of new users; 2) incentivize Social Media sharesRead More
Alittleb.it’s latest product, Match Board, change its name but not its success!

We are proud to show the growing popularity of our tool for creating online match boards. The version licensed to MTV and it’s  “Summer Clash” edition, is already a twitter trend! Do you want to create your own match board and engage your audience? Write us at info@alittleb.it

As you can see, the hashtag #MTVsummerclash has become the fourth italian twitter trending topic; this happened also with Artist Saga, that reached an highly positive response while it was active (as you can see HERE)

We are pleased to see that the user are engaged by using our tools, is an award for our work!

Check out our Twitter profile to keep you update about our projects: @alittleb_it

You can also find the details about the Artist Saga, HERE




mtv summer clash


MTV Awards 2013: Social Tracker


Project name: Social Tracker
Category: Television Social Tool, Cross Browser Web App
Client: MTV Italia
Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, Sidekiq, Varnish Chace, UberVu API
Primary Target: MTV Awards’ television audience
Main Target Device: Web Browser (IE8+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

MTV Italia selected Alittleb.it as partner for developing the digital tools of the first edition of the MTV Awards 2013, the first Social Event by MTV Italia. Alittleb.it was the official technical partner of the event.

For the second step of the project, Alittleb.it designed and developed for MTV Italia an outstanding tool for counting the number of tweets received by 20 artists in real-time.

During all the event’s live coverage, MTV Awards’ host used Social Tracker to monitor the audience interest about the artists that were awarded.


The MTVAwards' anchor Fantini checks Social Tracker during the television live coverage

The MTVAwards’ anchor Fantini checks Social Tracker during the television live coverage

Alittleb.it has created Worldwide Twitter Trending Topics with ArtistSaga!!

We are proud to announce our last Big Success:

Alittleb.it has completely developed ArtistSaga for the Italian MTV Awards and …

#OneDirectionArtistSaga and #JustinArtistSaga have been the First Worldwide Twitter Trending Topics; #EmmaArtistSaga the Second.
Check out stats and history at http://www.twee.co/topics/justinartistsaga; http://www.twee.co/topics/onedirectionartistsaga; http://www.twee.co/topics/emmaartistsaga

Moreover, ArtistSaga created the first, the third, the fourth and the fifth Italian Trending Topics too.


MTV Awards 2013: Artist Saga

Project name: Artist Saga
Category: Cross Browser Web App
Client: MTV Italia
Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, Redis, Sidekiq, Varnish, jQuery with jStorage, Facebook SDK, AWS Cloud
Primary Target: Internet Music Lovers
Main Target Device: Web Browser (IE8+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

MTV Italia chooses Alittleb.it to develop the digital tools for the first edition of the MTV Awards 2013.
Alittleb.it is the official techincal partner of the event.

For the first step of the project, Alittleb.it designed and, using an Alittleb.it’s proprietary technology, developed for MTV Italia an outstanding tool to generate matches between contenders named “Artist Saga”.

This application has been made using cutting-edge web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 for a rich user experience and it’s able to scale to deliver thousands of page-views per second and to manage even 10.000 concurrent users, thanks to a complex caching system and the cloud-based architecture.

The app is Facebook Connected and, using a flexible backend technology, can be customized for different situations an rebranding. The unique technology allows different usages of this system just changing the parameters utilized.

In the “Artist Saga” use case, users can vote their favorite artist to make him the nominee for a special category at MTV Music Awards, “Artist Saga”. By voting, the artist have a chance to win the nomination, and the user may share his vote on Facebook inviting his friends to perform the same. During and after the challenge, the users may comment the results with other voters.

During the event’s live coverage, Artist Saga has hosted the final match between the two finalist artists, reaching peaks of 8 thousands cuncurrent users and more than 20 thousands cuncurrent votes.