’s latest product, Match Board, change its name but not its success!

We are proud to show the growing popularity of our tool for creating online match boards. The version licensed to MTV and it’s  “Summer Clash” edition, is already a twitter trend! Do you want to create your own match board and engage your audience? Write us at

As you can see, the hashtag #MTVsummerclash has become the fourth italian twitter trending topic; this happened also with Artist Saga, that reached an highly positive response while it was active (as you can see HERE)

We are pleased to see that the user are engaged by using our tools, is an award for our work!

Check out our Twitter profile to keep you update about our projects: @alittleb_it

You can also find the details about the Artist Saga, HERE




mtv summer clash has created Worldwide Twitter Trending Topics with ArtistSaga!!

We are proud to announce our last Big Success: has completely developed ArtistSaga for the Italian MTV Awards and …

#OneDirectionArtistSaga and #JustinArtistSaga have been the First Worldwide Twitter Trending Topics; #EmmaArtistSaga the Second.
Check out stats and history at;;

Moreover, ArtistSaga created the first, the third, the fourth and the fifth Italian Trending Topics too.


MTV My Chart: Gamification & Cross-media Strategy

Project name: MTV MY CHART
Category: Gamification; Social Media Marketing; Facebook App; bidirectional Crossmedia strategy
Client: MTV Italy
Technologies: Flash – ActionScript 3.0, Facebook Connect, PHP

MTV My Chart is an application conceived and created by for MTV Italy, capable to create weekly videoclip charts, ordered by the preferences of the Facebook users.
MTV My Chart is placed in the charts section of the portal ( and is connected to the social network using Facebook Connect and a Facebook Live Stream Wall; moreover, in the application page the users can check the trend of the My Chart in real time.

There’s more: MTV My Chart is a gamified application, usable as a tool for a bidirectional crossmedia strategy.

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