has created the social game “La Grande Avventura” (The Big Adventure / Camp Orange’s Social Web Game) for MTV Italy and Nickelodeon. The game is published on portal.

Camp Orange is a Nickelodeon’s Adventure Game  that goes on air on Nickelodeon (the Mtv’s teen channel) -. created the game concept, the design and the graphics. wrote the code of the Web Game Camp Orange too, using its Social Game Development Platform – LUDUM.

LUDUM: Social Games Development Platform



Players, creating and customizing an own Avatar, can live in first person some Camp Orange-inspired adventures, facing the different heats offered by several immediate and really engaging mini-games – like rafting, hang-glider, trekking, skating.

The Camp Orange’s social web game allows players to challenge friends and other players, as the Camp Orange TV program does.

Moreover, thanks to Facebook Connect, players can: – share their Avatars and their own camps; – can communicate their records and their completed achievement; – can challenge friends and communicate matches results; – can chat on the application wall.

The game has been conceived to follow the same TV program’s structure – so, mini-games will be released periodically, keeping the users’ interest high.

Avatars and Camps will evolve little by little players go on to play, challenge, invite, share.


In particular, the advergame has been conceived:

  • to communicate the delivered values by Nickelodeon’s TV programme Camp Orange;
  • thanks to the exploitation of social media, to bring new users to the web portal;
  • to increase the brand awareness of Camp Orange, and Nickelodeon;
  • thank to the creation of a complex experience (but, immediate to the user), to increase users’ retention rate and permanence time on Camp Orange Game and;
  • to turn web users into tv audience and vice-versa;
  • to make a game suitable for sponsorship, in-game advertising and product placement;
  • to create a concept that it is suitable for different TV programmes;
  • to make a game that, thanks to following releases, has the same TV programme’s structure, keeping the users’ interest high.

Project name: La Grande Avventura (The big Adventure) – Camp Orange
Category: Social Game – Advergame
Client: MTV Italy – Nickelodeon –
Technologies: Flash, ActionScript 3.0, Facebook Connect