Destination Vodka Facebook Game


Project name: Destination Vodka
Category: Facebook App – Game
Client: Keglevich
Agency: Evolution People
Technologies: Flash, Ruby on Rails, Amazon Cloud
Primary Target: Keglevich’s consumers and Facebook’s users
Main Target Device: Web Browser – Facebook has developed for Keglevich the Facebook game named “Destination Vodka”.

The application reflects the dynamic and modern style of Keglevich’s Vodka communication.
Along the six carefully designed levels, users can test their skills immerging in the game thanks to his storytelling similar to a comic.

The use of Ludum technology,’s tool for rapid development of small Social Games, made us possible to create an application within Facebook where users have the opportunity to unlock achievements and badges, challanging other users or friends in a competition to obtain the highest score for each of the six levels.

Users can invite their friends generating a viral circle for the app, exposed to a wider audience. The use of the Ludum technology gives the ability to easily replicate the technical basis of the application, adapting it to the context in which is inserted, so it’s easy to create similar experiences for other companies interested in developing similar applications to fuel their brand awareness and optimize their in-game ADV.







Apps for Samsung SmartTV


Project name: “Olimpiadi della Mente” & “Scrivi la Fiaba dei Tre Porcellini”
Category: SmartTV apps development, Games
Client: Samsung
Technologies: Flash
Target: Kids (5-10 anni)
Target Devices: Samsung SmartTV

For the new Kids Hub (Samsung Store), Samsung has ordered to us (and we have developed) 2 SmartTV games: “Olimpiadi della Mente” and “Scrivi la Fiaba dei Tre Porcellini”.

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Camp Orange’s Social Game has created the social game “La Grande Avventura” (The Big Adventure / Camp Orange’s Social Web Game) for MTV Italy and Nickelodeon. The game is published on portal.

Camp Orange is a Nickelodeon’s Adventure Game  that goes on air on Nickelodeon (the Mtv’s teen channel) -. created the game concept, the design and the graphics. wrote the code of the Web Game Camp Orange too, using its Social Game Development Platform – LUDUM.

LUDUM: Social Games Development Platform

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Open Facebook popup using AS

The first step to open a facebook  dialog popup using ActionScript 3.0 is to create a bridge between our swf and fbjs’ (facebook javascript) page.
In order to open a popup, facebook introdouced a fbml tag that must be inserted in the application callback page. As described in the Wiki, it’s important to put the fbjs tag:


before the swf’s inclusion tag

<fb:swf swfsrc="URL_SWF" width="SWF_WIDTH" height="SWF_HEIGHT"/>

and it must be followed by the script tag


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Code tips for your Facebook application

Today we would like to spend some time talking about our experience developing a simple Flash game for Facebook and share some useful tips with you.
Obviously, the first thing you need is an idea…if you want your application to became famous going social you got to stop thinking like a developer and start thinking like a facebook user.
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