Project name: WebPoint Village
Category: Productivity Game; Gamification / Serious Games; Internal Communication
Client: Seat PG
Technologies: Ludum; UnderWave
Target: Seat Pagine Gialle’s Sales Agents designed and developed WebPoint Village, a productivity game for iPad, dedicated to the entire sales force of Seat PG.

DESCRIPTION: set up a solution for Seat PG to increase the sales performance using gamification; the solution is specifically addressed to all the Seat PG’s sales staff (1,400 people).
WebPoint Village belongs to the category of Serious Games and has been conceived as a project of medium / long term (3 years), with a structure very similar to CityVille and Millionaire City.
SeatPG’s agents gain city’s resources reaching their period’s sales objectives.

Each player has an avatar, which manages a portion of territory with the aim of making it grow: agents, the individual sellers of Seat PG agencies, control the districts of the city; Mayors, Governors and Supervisors, directors of the company, control the entire city and the areas formed by more cities.
The management platform of the game directly concerns the neighborhoods (and then the cities), which grow and evolve in height (by the appearance of the buildings) and width.
These features, in particular, are linked to the real performance of individual users, and is measured by the two key indicators that make up the key objective of the sales force: the web and the total sales results.
Through an integrated Twitter-style messaging experience, this serious game is also a very useful communication tool, top-down and horizontal.


  • Increasing sales by stimulating the competitiveness and continuous comparison among agents of the sales force.
  • Increasing productivity by a tool that: constantly communicates objectives to sales force; permits to operationally implement strategic sudden changes, allowing continuous contact with and among agents of the sales force; integrates and optimizes the existing incentive system.
  • Facilitating the shif of corporate culture: from agents to consultants; from printed paper selling to digital services selling.
  • Improving business environment, maximizing Involvement and Participation.
  • Gradual Investment.
  • Important Information and Statistical Returns.
  • Encouraging of active behaviors by users.
  • Creating an “expandable” usage tool: for example, the serious game is designed to allow the inclusion of training (eLearning), for its use as a presentation tool to clients, for the rapid creation and automated presentations on the results of the various initiatives relating to the sales force, etc..

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