Project name: Vodafone Supermobile
Category: E-learning Game; Gamification / Serious Games / ARG; Internal Communication
Client: Vodafone Italia
Technologies: Ludum; HTML5, Actionscript 3.0; Ruby On Rails
Target: Vodafone Italia’s 8.000 Employees has conceived and created an alternate reality game, developed for Vodafone’s employees, in order to teach smartphones’ technologies.

The e-learning game was developed by the exploitation of LUDUM: an’s platform designed and developed to ensure a unified, complex but immediate gaming experience. opted for a strategy that involved interactive and experiential learning, maximizing the element of fun to promote the interest and the active approach of Vodafone employees.
The gamified experience takes place at the same time on pc browsers, smartphones’ screens and in the real world, creating real offline experiences into Vodafone’s offices.

E-learning about smartphones is possible through the tasks/missions contained in the game: each player acts as a SuperMobile Hero, with the aim of carrying out missions to decipher a hidden message, which led him to take a long playing-trip in the Vodafone world.
The game has been developed to work on long term: with a gradual release of the missions. About the user’s virtual embodiment, an avatar is available, which can be customized at will, by spending virtual coins earned in missions.
Certainly, the game is social: each user can make friends (adding them on a buddy list) and publicly communicate anything they want, through the status bar (just like in Facebook). The stimulus of competition among players is maintained by the presence of a leaderboard that shows the very best players in a rank.


Strategic Objectives

  • Increase the familiarity of employees with smartphones and inform on the potential offered by the latest generation devices (we have created moments of the game that included situations of actual use of smartphones, with a focus on functionality)
  • Improving the working environment (through the creation of missions strategically designed to amuse, engage and socialize)
  • Improve the image of Vodafone (using an advanced storytelling that maintained a constant presence of the brand Vodafone and that stimulate the sense of belonging of employees)
  • Determine and reward employees more oriented to Smartphones (through a system of remuneration and offline game: Achievements, virtual objects, real prizes)

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