Our brain evolved in order to encourage the personal success of each individual, through out a system that rewards purposes; and these purposes get beyond the mere concept of survival, although it is basic element for animals. Games and fun activities, therefore, see their Raison d’être in correlation with our ability to adapt, and the evolution of this ability: we play in order to unravel in everyday life, metabolizing rules, limits and targets, in order to grow as individuals and coping with hardships.

The reasons for such psychological strength can be attributed to the existence of biological and chemical stimuli. Solving a puzzle within a game, annihilating an enemy to get a bonus, we talk about activities that release the same dose of dopamine (a neurotransmitter directly linked to the motivations and stimuli, induced by the external environment) in our brain, so how to pass a university exam or get some recognition work.

Therefore, it is important not to go along with the stereotype that games are irrelevant to business and “time-wasting”.