• Single engine for both social games and Intranet Social E-learning or Productivity Games
  • Quicker development process leading to faster time to market
  • Already used on several successful cases (e.g. games for MTV, Nickelodeon, Astrazeneca)
  • Statistics and Google Analytics connection
  • Asynchronous multiplayer gameplay
  • Allow work-in-progress optimization and scheduled update

  • introduces its new flash social game development platform: LUDUM

    LUDUM is a flexible technology that allows us to quickly develop customizable social games and advergames.
    LUDUM joins the existing & DarkWave Games’ UnderWAVE: a proprietary framework to develop 2D multiplatform games (for iOS, Android, PC, Mac & Linux). has developed LUDUM with a new approach, aiming to create a useful tool for Social Media Marketing, optimized to exploit existing fan bases of brands /IP and to start efficiently and effectively the viral communication:

    • collecting the initial number of players
    • increasing players’ propensity to viral actions
    • increasing social network users’ propensity to accept invitation to the game

    LUDUM – The New Approach

    A UNIQUE CONTAINER to deliver to users a deep, complex but immediate EXPERIENCE.

    Ludum: Social Games Development Platform

    Moreover, LUDUM is a flexible platform:

    • its base approach is completely coherent with product-placement and in-game advertising
    • can use it to develop games addressed to companies’ employees too, inside their intranet, to:
      • Optimize training (even voluntary training)
      • Increase productivity, e.g. using sales data inside the game; improving the existing incentive system
      • Communicate Corporate Culture

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