Social Games and Rewards

The Social Games work with a “effort-reward” system, generating what is called “compulsion loop,” or “engagement loop”: when a player gets a small reward for each action performed, he will be motivated to act continuously, in a “gratification loop”, or a “involvement loop”.Read More

LUDUM – A Platform to Quickly Develop Flash Social Games


  • Single engine for both social games and Intranet Social E-learning or Productivity Games
  • Quicker development process leading to faster time to market
  • Already used on several successful cases (e.g. games for MTV, Nickelodeon, Astrazeneca)
  • Statistics and Google Analytics connection
  • Asynchronous multiplayer gameplay
  • Allow work-in-progress optimization and scheduled update

  • introduces its new flash social game development platform: LUDUM

    LUDUM is a flexible technology that allows us to quickly develop customizable social games and advergames.
    LUDUM joins the existing & DarkWave Games’ UnderWAVE: a proprietary framework to develop 2D multiplatform games (for iOS, Android, PC, Mac & Linux).

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    Gamify your business – main goals

    Gamification has a couple of very interesting objectives that we are going to explain in details in this post.
    The first one is “to encourage an active and measurable behavior”. The implementation of gaming mechanics is one of the most efficient way to involve people in activities on the site or service. It’s a really special participation because it’s an active one: the user does something!
    It’s obvious that an active contribution is more efficient than a passive one because the communication message is connected to the action itself and is melted in the context of the experience.
    In this kind of environment lies another fundamental advantage: the behavior of the audience is measurable, gathering data based on actions that users do inside the game. In this way, it’s possible to profile the audience, focusing better on the target user or expanding the target audience.

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