05 Jan 2012

Go To Jupiter: E-learning Game for Employees

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Project name: Go To Jupiter
Category: E-learning; Gamification / Serious Games; Internal Communication
Client: Astrazeneca
Technologies: Ludum; Flash – ActionScript 3.0, PHP
Target: AstraZeneca sales force

Go To Jupiter is a Game Based Learning Solution, used to teach to 500 agents about a new medicine.
Astrazeneca’s agents have to earn points to be the first to reach a Stadium (which represents the official launch event of the medicine and where agents, answering questions using a remote control, can earn new points to improve their game ranking).
In the web game, agents can get points by answering quiz and playing different mini-games focused on the features of a new product.

Alittleb.it has developed the game and conceived the concept and the entire game-experience. Our partner MCA Group has produced the graphics and it has organized the launch event.

Go To Jupiter has been developed using our Social Game Platform – Ludum.




Main project’s Objetives:

  • to teach to 500 agents about a new medicine, keeping costs down
  • to create an effective voluntary e-learning system – so we have used many involvement drivers: teams competitions, cooperation and competition inside teams, mini-games with a really immediate gameplay, virtual items, achievements and awards, leaderboards, levels, etc.
  • to communicate the Astrazeneca’s corporate culture, to improve work environment, to create an effective team building tool
  • to check real-time the training results
  • to focus agents’ attention on the new product, considered strategic by the company
  • to create expectations about the launch event

Some Results:

  • High usage rates (97%)
  • The most of the agents where using the platform outside of their work time
  • 95% of the users completed each teaching session
  • Effective team building tool


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