Rise of the heroes in Allianz

The city of GoAll!City is in decline, a super computer (representing the burocratic and hierarchic approach) has taken control over the city.
Help your team of colleagues to disactivate the computer: using the basics of agile management and open leadership, go beyond the results expected by the artificial intelligence so to crash it and disactivate the various nodes.

Allianz chose SKILLATO® EXPERIENCE to give life to an immersive and engaging experience able to teach the basics of agile management and open leadership efficiently. Thanks to the SKILLATO® EXPERIENCE technology it is in fact possible to create experiences in which the user has the possibility to use the learned concepts (learn by doing) and not only to passively use them as it happens with a normal LMS.

Some figures


On the basis of user-centered design, internal communication and training tools have to consider the employee as a user at all effects. Our approach is then that of importing technics and strategies taken from external communication in the company.

For example, a strategy of basic engagement, used in social games and social media marketing, is that of creating competition among groups in order to stimulate the engaged users to invite the rest of team-mates to go deepen into the experience (comunicazione user-guaranteed).

In Alliaz TheGame 2.0 the concept has been analyzed in depth creating a competition among teams able to self-balance avoiding the problems of “best performers” (users with high performances discourage the rest of them to take part to the experience because of almost no chance of winning).

Advanced learning objects

The experiential and immersive approach needs to go beyond the traditional multimedia learning object. It is necessary, in fact, to create a real interactivity.

In SKILLATO® Experience each learning object is defined by a series of “properties” that allow to set up an effective tool of Game-Based Learning.


Interactive Graphic Novel

What better tool to teach soft skills such as Leadership, Problem Solving and Decision-making Skill?

An animated graphic novel, where the user is part of a group and, through his choices and opinions, has to realize the abstract concepts learnt or to be learnt. At each crossroads at a decision-making level the user receives a feedback that explains him the consequences of his choice.



The storytelling and the use of innovative interfaces allow to go beyond the traditional and boring indexes, typical of platforms, learnings and common LMS. SKILLATO® EXPERIENCE allows to give the training back graphically, introducing it in the storytelling and interacting with gamification logics directly.