Allianz Expo

How do you encourage colleagues to know other managements projects?

Allianz decided to use SKILLATO® EXPERIENCE to create an innovative experience able to efficiently engage its own Departments to share projects and best practices. The final aim is to boost the whole company productivity.

Some figures


Being inspired by EXPO2015, we created a digital “exposition” where each Management Business Unit managed a Pavilion where to show its projects and best practices.

The gamification layer was set to reward the Management able to bring to its Pavilion the largest amount of colleagues coming from other business areas that liked the exposition and showed to have understood it completing some tests.



Even though the “expositions” of Pavilions are learning objects, AllianzExpo is not perceived as a training platform but as a partecipatory tool that the company makes available to its employees.

The result is an incredible rate of active voluntary partecipation and an extremely high spontaneous engagement of Managements in the creation of contents.


SKILLATO® EXPERIENCE can be maximized to adapt perfectly to the demands of Interprofessional Funds for the financing of training events.

AllianzExpo was then maximized to finance the iniciative thanks to FBA fund, producing all the reports of the online activities carried out by users as well as automatically producing classroom attendance registers.