We have helped Allianz to create a tool to make interaction and engagement during business events easier and funnier.

The Innovation

Allianz Tweet gets inspiration from the famous social microblogging, adapting it to the needs of a business conference: topics (hashtags) instead of being managed by users are managed by the Anchorman to lead the discussion and bring to evidence some tweets.

Some figures on the annual event dedicated to all Allianz Italia managers

160 participants
5,000+ page views
200+ tweets
8 trend topics
98% of the participants used the platform
40% of participants tweeted


Once the event has started, users can access the platform and take part in the discussion tweeting. The Anchorman sets up hashtags to lead the discussion. Moreover, he can bring to evidence some tweets, such as audience questions, sending them to the mega-screens in the hall.

Users can even access to a page where to download supporting documents and take part in polls.