Master of Alchemy Vengeance Front


Project name: Master of Alchemy Vengeance Front
Category: Puzzle-Game (iOS + Android)
Client: DarkWave Games by
Technologies: C++, Marmalade
Publisher: Forge Reply

Brief Description:

Vengeance Front is the new episode of Master of Alchemy series,  an engaging Physical Puzzle Game based on the manipulation of solid, liquid and gaseous elements.

More than 50 levels will test gamers’ alchemic skills: they will have to carry a certain amount of matter along a path full of obstacles; to transport the matter, gamers will have to take advantage of physics properties, changing particles states by using stills. Moreover, the game challenges players with a host of interactive environments, such as frigid areas that change the state of particles and obstacles to make them move differently.

Vengeance Front will appeal both the fans of the original episode and the puzzle game enthusiasts that are intrigued by the Alchemy.Read More

FRANCn – Elio e le Storie Tese’s


Project name: FRANCn – Elio e le Storie Tese’s Official App
Category: iOS Apps development
Client: Elio e le Storie Tese (EelST)
Agency: Kiver srl
Target Devices: iPhone 3GS +, iPad 2 +, iPad Mini has developed for Kiver and Elio e le Storie Tese (EelST – a famous Italian music group) the iOS apps “FRANCn”.

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Act of Fury by DarkWave Games

Project name: Act of Fury – Kraine’s revenge
Category: iPhone & iPod Touch Game – Innovative Shoot’em up
Client: DarkWave Games by
Technologies: UnderWAVE (our framework), C++, OpenGL, Objective C
Publisher: Forge Reply

Brief Description:

Act of Fury: Kraine’s Revenge is the firstborn of a new breed of shooters, where you don’t have to shoot because YOU are the weapon.

Kraine Severe has undergone mad experiments by the infamous Dr. Osvald Pernicious, leader of the Doom Legion. After a daring escape from the laboratory, he realizes he can transform himself in a mighty hurricane. His next step is easily taken: pursue revenge, destroy everything that tries to stop him.



  • A brand new shoot’em up mechanic: you’re are the weapon – destroy everything and pursue your personal vengeance!
  • Nine levels of wild action in four different environments, from the hottest desert, to the icy pole.
  • Three huge bosses to fight, based on the evolution of the Doom Legion’s prototype weapon.
  • Two difficulty levels -normal for everyone and Hell mode for hardcore shoot’em up fans.
  • Earn stars and spend them to unlock special powers, like elemental hurricanes and thunderstorms.
  • Game Center and OpenFeint support for achievements and leaderboards.


Some Awards:

  • BEST Gaming App 2011 – Macity Awards
  • Community Game of the Week – Touch Arcade
  • Bronze Award – Pocket Gamer France

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Android and iOS programmer

Posizione: Game and App Programmer
Piattaforme: iOS and Android
Strumenti richiesti: Objective C, Java e C/C++, preferibilmente OpenGL e framework cross-platform
Luogo: Milano
Riferimento inserzione: ALB-01B-2013 SRL è alla ricerca di figure professionali da inserire nel proprio organico nell’ambito della sua divisione di sviluppo videogiochi e applicazioni mobile.
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