Project name: Artist Saga
Category: Cross Browser Web App
Client: MTV Italia
Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Ruby on Rails, Redis, Sidekiq, Varnish, jQuery with jStorage, Facebook SDK, AWS Cloud
Primary Target: Internet Music Lovers
Main Target Device: Web Browser (IE8+, Chrome, Safari, Firefox)

MTV Italia chooses to develop the digital tools for the first edition of the MTV Awards 2013. is the official techincal partner of the event.

For the first step of the project, designed and, using an’s proprietary technology, developed for MTV Italia an outstanding tool to generate matches between contenders named “Artist Saga”.

This application has been made using cutting-edge web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 for a rich user experience and it’s able to scale to deliver thousands of page-views per second and to manage even 10.000 concurrent users, thanks to a complex caching system and the cloud-based architecture.

The app is Facebook Connected and, using a flexible backend technology, can be customized for different situations an rebranding. The unique technology allows different usages of this system just changing the parameters utilized.

In the “Artist Saga” use case, users can vote their favorite artist to make him the nominee for a special category at MTV Music Awards, “Artist Saga”. By voting, the artist have a chance to win the nomination, and the user may share his vote on Facebook inviting his friends to perform the same. During and after the challenge, the users may comment the results with other voters.

During the event’s live coverage, Artist Saga has hosted the final match between the two finalist artists, reaching peaks of 8 thousands cuncurrent users and more than 20 thousands cuncurrent votes.