Master of Alchemy Vengeance Front


Project name: Master of Alchemy Vengeance Front
Category: Puzzle-Game (iOS + Android)
Client: DarkWave Games by
Technologies: C++, Marmalade
Publisher: Forge Reply

Brief Description:

Vengeance Front is the new episode of Master of Alchemy series,  an engaging Physical Puzzle Game based on the manipulation of solid, liquid and gaseous elements.

More than 50 levels will test gamers’ alchemic skills: they will have to carry a certain amount of matter along a path full of obstacles; to transport the matter, gamers will have to take advantage of physics properties, changing particles states by using stills. Moreover, the game challenges players with a host of interactive environments, such as frigid areas that change the state of particles and obstacles to make them move differently.

Vengeance Front will appeal both the fans of the original episode and the puzzle game enthusiasts that are intrigued by the Alchemy.Read More

The Strategies that led to DarkWave Games and Master of Alchemy |

We were interviewed by about the strategies that led to open the DarkWave Games department and to develop Master of Alchemy.

We explained our concentric diversification strategy, how’s skills and experiences can be very useful for game development, why to develop multiplatform production assets, how the created know-how is a competitive advantage in developing game-based marketing instruments (e.g. advergames and social games) and gamification systems for’s clients.

Unfortunately, the interview is available only in Italian…but maybe google translator could help you.

Google Translated Version

Italian Version

Master of Alchemy iPhone, iPod, iPhone4 (Retina support) version is finally out on iTunes

Master of Alchemy iPhone, iPod, iPhone4 (Retina support) version is finally out on iTunes –

To celebrate the success on the iPad and launch on the iPhone/iPod/iPhone 4, for a limited time, iPhone version price is only 0,99$ (66% sale), iPad HD version only 2,99$ (40% sale)!!!

Moreover, Chillingo & DarkWave Games have created the Master of Alchemy Contest: Tweet Your Perfect Potion! Create a Crazy Combination to Win –

Tweet Your Perfect Potion and Win a Flip Video Ultra HD Camcorder + the Copies of the Mystical New Puzzler

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Master of Alchemy HD Reviewed by Destructoid | – Official Blog

Master of Alchemy HD Reviewed by Destructoid | – Official Blog.

While your typical iPad game looks great, ones this polished in both looks and gameplay are still few and far between. Recommended.

Score: 8,5/10 – and everybody knows how much they are brutally honest and impartial!! 🙂 We are really proud of our game!!!

Read the full review here: Review: Master of Alchemy (iPad)- Destructoid

Master of Alchemy by DarkWave Games

Master of Alchemy - Available on App Store


DarkWave Games (DWG) is the’s gaming brand, that develops high-quality proprietary games to be published on the most important online stores world-wide.

DWG’s mission is the development of Multiplatform, Multidevice and Multiplayer Social Games, exploiting the concepts of “gaming ubiquity” and “game as entertainment art”.
Even if this is our final goal, we decided to adopt a step approach – so we chose to start from the development of games for iPhoneOS. In any case, also Master of Alchemy (our first game) is developed with a proprietary multiplatform-ready framework.
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