An introduction to Gamification

Gamification is a meta word that is gaining popularity day after day.
The first part of it is made by game, a term often associated to fun and amusement without any particular purpose.
There’s more: gaming is not only that but taking advantage of interaction is becoming a powerful means to convey messages of every kind.
Among them you can consider the improvement of customer management, build loyalty and maximize the performance of employees and partners.

It’s a really different point of view that shift the focus away from the traditional gaming market, based on the production of titles that have a great appeal on young males, and that can reach different demographic categories.

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The Strategies that led to DarkWave Games and Master of Alchemy |

We were interviewed by about the strategies that led to open the DarkWave Games department and to develop Master of Alchemy.

We explained our concentric diversification strategy, how’s skills and experiences can be very useful for game development, why to develop multiplatform production assets, how the created know-how is a competitive advantage in developing game-based marketing instruments (e.g. advergames and social games) and gamification systems for’s clients.

Unfortunately, the interview is available only in Italian…but maybe google translator could help you.

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Why companies must have a mobile marketing strategy

What is mobile marketing?
Mobile Marketing Association says: “Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network”.
Mobile marketing allows for a meaningful, personal, and long lasting dialogue with customers, driving engagement with brands and enhancing affinity for them.
Mobile marketing tactics mainly consists of SMS and MMS, Mobile Web, Native or Web-based Applications development, Mobile Advertising, In-Game Mobile Advertising.

Why companies must have a mobile marketing strategy

1. Internet will be more and more Mobile
According to Nielsen, the U.S. mobile Web grew at an average rate of 2% month over month in 2009. At this rate, combined with the accelerated adoption of smartphones and mobile-optimized sites, by the end of 2010, the mobile Web will reach more than one-half of the consumers on the wired Web. Read More