Newzoo has released a new report on his site, focusing on the big growth about the mobile games and the general expansion of the games market, estimating a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.7% per year, until 86.1 bilion of dollars in 2016.


The data posted on Newzoo describe an expected growth for the games market, revealing that the videogamers in the world will raise from 1.21 billion this year to 1.55 billion. These gamers will play on different platform according to their tastes, and the most important data is about mobile platforms, that will increase its share from 13.8% to 27.8% of the global market, with a CAGR for smartphones of 19% and 48% for tablets, generating profits for 23.9$ bilion in 2016. The highest share will remain the console games, but the CAGR will be minor than the mobile platforms. The handhelds share will suffer the worst annual growth rate, with an estimated CAGR of -15.0%.
The report offers also a detailed analysis about the condition of the market this year, focusing on the compositions of gamers (dividing them by their geographical location) and the typology of game played, from casual/social to consoles games; in these analisys, is interesting seeing compound data about casual/social and mobile games, getting the 27% of the whole market, growing from past years

Below you will find some of the images that compose the entire report. If you would learn more, you can download the entire report from