Genialloyd integrates Skillato


Project name: Genialloyd TheGame2.0
Category: E-learning; Gamification; Internal Communication
Client: Allianz Group
Technologies: Skillato e-learning platform

Following the success of project “TheGame2.0” for Allianz, Genialloyd chose Skillato to train their employees exploiting storytelling and gamification logics to increase engagement and participation.

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Real Chamber Al Salone!


Project name: Real Chamber al Salone
Category: Adventure and e-Learning Game (iOS + Android)
Client: Torino International Books Fairs
Technologies: Real Chamber Platform has created the App Real Chamber Al Salone for Torino’s Book Fairs, to engage the young attendees and teach them some informations about the story’s fairs and the Lingotto.

Using Real Chamber platform, the project has been released in just 5 working days. The graphical adventure is characterised by 5 location where the main protagonist inspect and collect items and while the player is playing the collected information are historical facts useful to solve a final enigma.

Real Chamber Al Salone uses photography that was provided by the Salone del Libro di Torino, choosing them from their archive. No new photography was needed to create the adventure.

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Real Chamber Al Salone 8 Real Chamber Al Salone 6 Real Chamber Al Salone 4 Real Chamber Al Salone 3 Real Chamber Al Salone!

Game-mechanics and game-dynamics of the gamification process

The process of gamification is based on the integration of typical game components into websites, online communities, content portals or business services and, in general, others non-gaming contexts.
But what kind of techniques is needed to obtain the desired results?
There are two different aspects to be considered during the gamification process: they are called game-mechanics and game-dynamics; the former are the tools needed to create the gamification infrastructure that lies under any game, the latter represent the human needs and desires that are inherently in everyone of us and can be satisfied taking advantage of game-mechanics.

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Gamify your business – main goals

Gamification has a couple of very interesting objectives that we are going to explain in details in this post.
The first one is “to encourage an active and measurable behavior”. The implementation of gaming mechanics is one of the most efficient way to involve people in activities on the site or service. It’s a really special participation because it’s an active one: the user does something!
It’s obvious that an active contribution is more efficient than a passive one because the communication message is connected to the action itself and is melted in the context of the experience.
In this kind of environment lies another fundamental advantage: the behavior of the audience is measurable, gathering data based on actions that users do inside the game. In this way, it’s possible to profile the audience, focusing better on the target user or expanding the target audience.

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An introduction to Gamification

Gamification is a meta word that is gaining popularity day after day.
The first part of it is made by game, a term often associated to fun and amusement without any particular purpose.
There’s more: gaming is not only that but taking advantage of interaction is becoming a powerful means to convey messages of every kind.
Among them you can consider the improvement of customer management, build loyalty and maximize the performance of employees and partners.

It’s a really different point of view that shift the focus away from the traditional gaming market, based on the production of titles that have a great appeal on young males, and that can reach different demographic categories.

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The Strategies that led to DarkWave Games and Master of Alchemy |

We were interviewed by about the strategies that led to open the DarkWave Games department and to develop Master of Alchemy.

We explained our concentric diversification strategy, how’s skills and experiences can be very useful for game development, why to develop multiplatform production assets, how the created know-how is a competitive advantage in developing game-based marketing instruments (e.g. advergames and social games) and gamification systems for’s clients.

Unfortunately, the interview is available only in Italian…but maybe google translator could help you.

Google Translated Version

Italian Version

La Grande Avventura, Camp Orange’s social web advergame, is a success

La Grande Avventura, the social web (Facebook-connected) game of Nickelodeon’s Camp Orange, conceived and created by, is a success: in its first week, it has accumulated more than 5.000 registered users (23.000 in all), almost 300.000 games and 122.000 challenges.

Moreover, the number of accesses, registrations and games continues to be stable and very high.

…And the adventure goes on: today is being released the new minigame Skate (sponsored by the clothing brand MEK); the next week will be published Deltaplano (an hang-glider game). In September, finally, the game La Grande Avventura (the big adventure) will close the experience created by, MTV and

For other information about the game: