GameCity at Cartoons on the Bay

GameCity logo
GameCity will be presented at the Cartoons on the Bay event, from 7 to 10 April in Rapallo, Santa Margherita and Portofino.

GameCity is the new meta-game produced by for Nickelodeon that will be published on portal. It provides a gaming experience based on a fictional city where players can create a super hero and use a vehicle to patrol the streets, visiting four different districts branded by the Nickelodeon ips: Spongebob, The Penguins of Madagascar , Avatar and The Fairly OddParents.

At Cartoons on the Bay will be available two iMac demo stations dedicated to the audience so everyone can try the game for the first time, challenging other users and beginning to unlock points, gadgets and awards.

GameCity is developed with our Social Game Development Platform: LUDUM.
LUDUM: Social Games Development Platform

Avventura da Paura – Social Web Game

Following the big success of Camp Orange’s Social Web Games, has created the social game “Avventura da Paura” (Scary Adventure – Avventura da Paura’s Social Web Game) for MTV Italy and Nickelodeon. The game is published on portal –

Avventura da Paura is a Nickelodeon’s Adventure Broadcast-Game  that goes on air on Nickelodeon (the Mtv’s teen channel). created the game concept, the design and the graphics, and made an hard work on writing the Flash (AS3) and PHP5 code of the Web Game Avventura da Paura.

Avventura da Paura is at most a reskin and upgrade of Camp Orange’s Social Web Games: this was possible because of the flexibility of our Social Game Development Platform (LUDUM).
LUDUM: Social Games Development Platform has developed the entire website, too.Read More