Avventura da Paura – Social Web Game

Following the big success of Camp Orange’s Social Web Games, Alittleb.it has created the social game “Avventura da Paura” (Scary Adventure – Avventura da Paura’s Social Web Game) for MTV Italy and Nickelodeon. The game is published on nicktv.it portal – http://avventuradapaura.nicktv.it/gioco.html.

Avventura da Paura is a Nickelodeon’s Adventure Broadcast-Game  that goes on air on Nickelodeon (the Mtv’s teen channel).

alittleb.it created the game concept, the design and the graphics, and made an hard work on writing the Flash (AS3) and PHP5 code of the Web Game Avventura da Paura.

Avventura da Paura is at most a reskin and upgrade of Camp Orange’s Social Web Games: this was possible because of the flexibility of our Social Game Development Platform (LUDUM).
LUDUM: Social Games Development Platform

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The recipients and objectives of game-based business solutions

game-based business recipients and objectives
Game-based business solutions can take advantage of the paradigms of gamification and use the instruments of the game-based marketing (see our previous post). But which are the recipients and the objectives of these kinds of solutions?

Recipients can be divided into two main different categories:

  • Clients (actual of potential): they are the whole market demand and they include both the actual clients and the ones that can be reached by the diffusion of the service or product, encouraged by the spreading of viral or traditional communication campaigns.
  • Employees and co-makers: they represent a very specific group and the solution is often tailored to fulfill a particular need, related to the enhancement of the productivity, the communication of the corporate culture or the testing of working skills in a simulated environment.

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Game-based marketing instruments

The Game-based Business Solutions use the game mechanics and dynamics of games to create solutions for enterprises. They can be reach using two instruments: gamification and game-based marketing.
So, Game-based Business Solutions are new communication and marketing instruments (sometimes almost a new media) that allow to extremely increase the engagement and the participation of the communication target public.
Engagement and participation, in particular, allow two main advantages:

  • to drive the active interest of users toward the massage of firms;
  • to stimulate an active behavior of users

As we already said gamification is the implementation of gaming mechanics in non-gaming context to involve people in the activities of a site or service.
A parallel concept is the game-based marketing, that uses real and complete games for raising the awareness and improving the image of a brand.

Game-based marketing uses many different instruments and environments to spread messages and reach users. We’re going to analyze all these instruments to help choosing the right one for every single business objective.
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