Why Does Gamification Tend to Devolve?

[…] Lots of people have been jumping onto the anti-gamification bandwagon lately. […]

[…] Is it because the proponents of gamification are generally not game designers and don’t understand how hard it is to make a good game? In some cases, probably so. But there’s a deeper and more pervasive problem that is driving the “dumbing down” of gamification. The problem is: gamification is a very tough sell. […]

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Why gamification is not a simple pointsfication
As many other new disciplines, gamification is evolving day by day with new theories, emerging from studies in games design, human psychology, behavior and other academic fields.

We have already discussed about game mechanics and dynamics and their dominant role in producing a gamified environment. The next step is to focus on methods to apply those paradigms in the gamification process.
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