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A review about Master of Alchemy has been published by (reviewer Ben Briggs)….

We are very very excited: Score – GRADE A (10/10)

Here something of what GamesUncovered thinks about Master of Alchemy HD:

  • Simply a fantastic puzzle game that is challenging, deep and graphically stunning. An absolute treasure
  • Graphically, the game is easily up there with the best iPad games currently available
  • “What you get here is a challenging game with a large variety of different tasks, so it’s easy to get lost in for hours. It is a puzzle experience that is rich, deep, engaging and achingly beautiful; without a doubt one of the best iPad games yet.”
  • “The controls work seamlessly and exactly as you would expect”
  • “The particle physics used here really help bring the game to life”
  • It’s definitely a lot of fun

Thanks Ben!

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