Mettiti a Focus

Project name: Mettiti a Focus
Category: Online video casting
Client: Discovery
Technologies: html5, javascript, video encoding

Online video casting for finding the new host of TV show “Mettiti a focus”.

We created a platform that features 100% user generated content, handling the entire process of uploading and converting videos. More than 900 videos was submitted to the contest. changes your room

Project name: changes your room
Category: Gamified online contest
Client: Discovery
Technologies: html5, javascript, Instantwin Framework

Discovery wants to create an outstanding online experience that connects their TV show “Change your room” with one of their major advertiser: design a game that allows players to furnish a room (virtually) selling and buying fixtures on website. In each level, players have to meet the design requests staying within the budget.

We generated all the 3D ambients and the engine that allows you to furnish the room as shown in the video.


Project name: Beatclash
Category: Gamified music platform
Client: Replay
Technologies: HTML5, Ruby on Rails

Replay new communication approach moves in the direction of improving the brand image connecting Replay with the music world, with all his style and fashion trends. designed, developed and released online a innovative music platform: the goal of this new project is to forecast the next new music hit using complex alghoritms in connection with more than 300 muisc bloggers around the world.

Genialloyd elearning with Skillato

Project name: Genialloyd TheGame2.0
Category: E-learning; Gamification; Internal Communication
Client: Allianz Group
Technologies: Skillato e-learning tools

Following the success of project “TheGame2.0” for Allianz, Genialloyd chose Skillato to train their employees exploiting storytelling and gamification logics to increase engagement and participation.

For more information about our e-learning platform, visit

Allianz GoALL! TheGame2.0

Category: E-learning; Gamification; Internal Communication
Client: Allianz Group
Technologies: Skillato elearning tools has developed the e-Learning platform system for Allianz to train their +4.000 employees knowledge and soft-skills. Developed with the collaboration of the training & human resources department, GOALL!THEGAME2.0 is characterised by an ad-hoc storytelling layer, created to satisfy the exigences of the training program and a gamification layer able to keep high the users engagement.

GOALL!THEGAME2.0 training program still be on air, no statistic and more information are yet available.

For more information about Skillato Platform, visit

Real Chamber at Book Fair

Project name: Real Chamber al Salone
Category: Adventure and e-Learning Game (iOS + Android)
Client: Torino International Books Fairs
Technologies: Real Chamber Platform has created the App Real Chamber Al Salone for Torino’s Book Fairs, to engage the young attendees and teach them some informations about the story’s fairs and the Lingotto.

Using Real Chamber platform, the project has been released in just 5 working days. The graphical adventure is characterised by 5 location where the main protagonist inspect and collect items and while the player is playing the collected information are historical facts useful to solve a final enigma.

Real Chamber Al Salone uses photography that was provided by the Salone del Libro di Torino, choosing them from their archive. No new photography was needed to create the adventure.

Try the App visiting and choosing your mobile OS

To discover more about Real Chamber Technology visit the product page.

Real Chamber Al Salone 8 Real Chamber Al Salone 6 Real Chamber Al Salone 4 Real Chamber Al Salone 3 Real Chamber Al Salone!

Replay digital experience

We created different online digital experience for REPLAY brand.

Project name: – Presentation of the Spring Summer 2014 Collection
Category: Digital Communication, Consultancy, Web Development
Client: Replay – Fashion Box Spa
Technologies: HTML5 has created the new main page of – the official website of the fashion brand Replay – in order to present “Urban Surfer”, the Replay Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.

Starting from the previous page structure, the new main page has the objective to improve Replay premium positioning, taking full advantage of the new campaign images shot by David Sims (one of the most important fashion photographers in the world).
So, all the page has been conceived and designed to give the biggest importance to photographs. Hotspots on images allow users to deepen the collection.

The page is fully responsive.

Take a look: homepage design homepage design

Project name: Unexpected Formal
Category: Digital Communication – B2B & B2C, Consultancy; Responsive Web Development
Client: Replay – Fashion Box Spa
Technologies: HTML5, Javascript, Interactive Pdf

Replay – Fashion Box Spa – has signed a deal with the FC Barcelona as the official sponsor of clothing and footwear for the team and the rest of the Club’s sportsmen and women. Replay will create both official clothing and a “smart casual” line for the first team.
To celebrate the agreement, Replay has developed the Denim Zero, a jeans created by an exclusive eco-friendly process which utilizes high-pressure ice crystals.

Replay asked to to look after all the Partnership digital image.

The Replay-Barcelona partnership is born from exclusivity and unconventional approach. By this sponsorship, Replay redefines the way to elegance, through denim. With help from, it’s also rethinking how to better use digital media.
We worked with Replay to create a rich, interactive experience that valorises the partnership and the Denim Zero. Moreover, we are developing the digital tools addressed to wholesalers to allow Replay to manage in an integrated manner all the international communication about the FC Barcelona partnership.

First, we have conceived and created the landing-page that introduces the new Replay – FC Barcelona partnership.
The high impact, fully responsive HTML5 multimedia vertical scrolling page, with parallax effect, has the main objective to introduce and justify the innovative partnership to the clients, creating a new image for Replay. So, we invented the payoff “Unexpected Formal” to stress the innovation of the partnership and the new use of Denim, that raises itself as a formal fabric.

Replay-InteractivePdfThen, we have designed static and flash-animated banners, in all IAB standard ad size, and the images for all the most important Social Network; all the creativity refers to Denim Zero teaser video, using the ice/freezing concept.

Finally, we have created an Interactive Pdf, addressed to all Replay Wholesalers, containing all the guidelines, logos and assets (textual, graphic and video) to help Replay to create an integrated international communication, essential to create the right brand image, given the innovation of the partnership and of the Denim Zero.

Hera Multiplayer E-learning Game

Project name: La Città Sostenibile
Category: E-learning; Gamification / Serious Games; Internal Communication
Client: SCS Azioninnova Consulting for Gruppo Hera
Technologies: M.e.g.s – LUDUM, HTML, Javascript, Ruby + Rails, Postgresql, Faye, Thin, Redis, Flash – ActionScript 3.0
Target: Gruppo Hera’s Employees
Target Browsers: IE6+, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari

La Città Sostenibile
La Città Sostenibile” is a Multiplayer Game Based Learning Solution, created to teach to more than 4.000 employees the Gruppo Hera’s Sustainability Balance Sheet.

Hera (Holding Energia Risorse Ambiente; English: Energy Resource Environment Holdings) is a multiutility company based in Bologna, Italy. Hera operates in the distribution of gas, water, energy, waste disposal the provinces of Bologna, Ferrara, Forlì-Cesena, Modena, Ravenna, Rimini, Pesaro and Urbino, and in some municipalities of Florence and Ancona. In October 2012, Hera approved the merger with AcegasAps Group, which operates in the cities of Padua and Trieste. In 2013 Hera is the first Italian domestic operator for waste treated (above 5.4 million tons waste treated), the second one in the integrated Water cycle (300 million mc of water), the third player in gas distribution (2.9 billion of mc of gas distributed) and the 5th player in the Italian Electricity business in terms of electricity sold (11 TWh of electricity sold).

The main target of the game is to improve the city’s sustainability, virtually activating the same activities that Hera has reported into its 2012 Sustainability Balance Sheet. To activate a sustainability activity, a player has to choose a district in the city map and then he has to correctly complete some correlated assessments.
So game’s reason isn’t just formative, but it has also the aim of communicating the real impact – and so the importance – of all that “sustainability activities” that employees, during their daily job, could perceive as a waste of time.

Gameplay in brief
The e-learning game main interface is an animated 3D map of a city.
At the beginning, this city is very polluted, crowded, inhospitable (clearly “unsustainable”). Players’ task is to enhance the city’s sustainability; doing so, city’s map will become cleaner, happier, more colored, lively, livable.

Hera’s employees are sorted into opposing teams of 4 persons; the game will be won by the team who has better improved the city’s sustainability.
The 4 users of a team play simultaneously: the e-learning game is in fact a real-time turn-based multiplayer.

We have called this approach and the technology behind it M.E.G.S: Multiplayer E-learning Gamification System. It is an evolution of our platform LUDUM.

The city map is divided in blocks; each block symbolizes a different main sustainability topic (e.g. Clients and Supplier Relationship, Work Environment, Recycle Matters, etc.); every main topic is composed by 4 formative assessments (one per team member) that offers a different level of reward points (expressed in percentage of sustainability improvement).
The in-turn player selects the main topic, the formative assessment and then tries to solve it; if he doesn’t know or he’s not sure about the answer, he can ask, by a simplified chat, an opinion to the other in-team players, in exchange of some the sustainability improving points. If the player’s answer will be correct, an animation will show the sustainability improvement in the 3D city map.
To achieve the formative tasks, every assessment activity can be preceded or followed by multimedia in-depth analysis, freely settable by backend, that explains better the assessment topic.

During the gameplay, players can also use an emoticon chat to morally support the in-turn player.

Here a brief walkthrough of the serious game’s core functionalities:

M.E.G.S. – Multiplayer E-learning Gamification System
M.e.g.s. is a powerful platform that allows developing cross-browser multiplayer e-learning games:

  1. The technology has been developed to be compatible with IE6 too, without having to sacrifice performances for newer browsers: we know that IE6 is still a must if you want to work with HR department.
  2. Megs backend allows to create entire e-learning experience with a block/modular approach: the experiences is divided into Main Categories, every main category is divided into Learning Objects, every Learning Object is composed by Activities: Multimedia Contents, Various Editable Assessment Activities, Multiplayer Simultaneous Activities (like the chats).
  3. Every Activity has linked to Api that allow to manage the gamification system and the graphic interface (e.g. the Hera City Map)
  4. The Gamification System is completely configurable on the formative needs
  5. All the players actions inside the game are monitored and saved to be analyzed afterwards
  6. All the multiplayer system is managed client side, avoiding the necessity of big and scalable servers
MTV Best Of

Project name: MTV OnDemand – Best Of
Category: Web Development, Rich Internet Application
Services: Concept, Graphic Design & Coding, Maintenance & Server Assistance
Client: MTV Italia
Technologies: HTML5, Sass, Jquery, Ruby + Rails, Mysql, Nokogiri

We have created MTV Best Of: the new section of MTV Ondemand – the MTV’s platform of video on demand (VOD) – where users can watch, vote and share the best brief video-clips, selected and “clipped” by MTV’s Editors from MTV television series and shows.


The main purpose of the section Best Of is to increase video views’ number, bringing new users to MTV Ondemand and augmenting existing users’ participation rates.

To achieve the objectives, we mixed four main ingredients:

  1. SEO: all the code and the design are optimized for SEO. This is very important to effectively exploit the strong brand awareness and image of MTV Intellectual Properties (like Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore, Awkward, The Valley, etc.); moreover, videoclip selection helps to use high traffic keywords (like “sex”) into tags, descriptions and titles
  2. Gamification: to increase engagement, we added some easy gamification elements. First a basic voting system to allow users to decide the best videoclip inside a chart. Secondly, we created seven “Emotional Dynamic Charts”: users can describe every videoclip by selecting, among seven (Epic Fail; I can’t believe it; Really Trash; Infinite Laughs, I like it, This is awesome – cool, Epic Win), the feeling they think it suggests. Doing that, users create dynamic cross-shows charts, ordered by the number of votes expressed on that particular feeling. Finally, we limit the number of daily votes available to users: create “scarcity” to increase “value” is an important gamification strategy that helps in keeping users more engaged (e.g. if the user owns just one vote, that vote worth more and he will consider carefully how to use it) and the charts more meaningful.
    Besides the expected engagement reasons, we used gamification elements to: 1) having more interesting charts, able to represents users tastes and so to gain immediately the attention of new users; 2) incentivize Social Media shares
  3. Social Media Integration: voting action requires to be registered to MTV Ondemand. MTV Ondemand’s registration process incentivizes a lot the use of Facebook Connect. All this is naturally important for CRM & segmentation strategies, but also allows us to use Facebook and Twitter to bring new users to MTV Best Of, incentivizing shares and likes.
  4. Design: all the pages has been designed to continuously drive the users towards new contents. We used dynamic widgets that use backend setting, gamification data and automatic feed to always propose new videoclips and charts to users.


Besides Marketing purposes, MTV Best Of has been designed to not increase editorial costs. To achieve this goal, we connected Best Of’s CMS to MTV proprietary CMS, so editors can upload the videoclip as usually and Best Of configured platform does everything else.