Nome progetto: Bat Pat – Monsterelp
Categoria: Multiplatform Game for Cross-media communication strategies
Cliente: Atlantyca Entertainment
Tecnologie: Unity3D and our tool “TileWAVE”
Target primario: Kids (5-15 anni)
Target secondario: Smartphone Owners
What do you get when you take one very heroic bat in the world’s most creepy place? The Monster-Help!

A mummy who cannot sleep? An ogre with love problems? A vampire who has lost his teeth? No problem: here it’s Bat Pat!

Drag Bat Pat through 30 different levels in three creepy locations, avoid the traps and discover all his super powers!
Because the monsters don’t really want to hurt anyone. In fact, what they really want is… help. Drive them out from every room and solve their problem… But watch out, don’t get too closed to them!

Bat Pat Monsterelp: just for brave players!